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Hanger System 304 Steel Mirror Finish Rail

Category: Cold Room Spare Parts
Hanger System 304 Steel Mirror Finish Rail

Product Details


  1. 1.5MM*1M
  2. 1.5MM*2M

Discover Stainless Steel Curtain Suspension Rails in sizes 1.5mm1m and 1.5mm2m. Crafted from robust Stainless Steel 304, these rails are ideal for Freezer and Chiller Curtains.

What sets these rails apart is their ease of individual strip replacement, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Their versatile design, featuring a 90-degree angle, allows them to seamlessly fit onto the surface or underside of your desired location.

Installation is both cost-effective and straightforward, making this method widely favored for mounting PVC strip curtains. A complete kit typically includes hook-type rails, plate sets, and rivets, providing a comprehensive solution for your curtain suspension needs.


Product Sizes1.5mm1m, 1.5mm2m
MaterialStainless Steel
Ease of Individual ReplacementYes
Stainless Steel GradeStainless Steel 304
Suitable for Freezer/Chiller               Yes
Versatile Design90-degree angle, fits surface or underside
InstallationCost-effective, straightforward installation
Included ComponentsRails (hook type), plate sets, rivets


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