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Rubber Insulation Tube

Category: Refrigeration Unit
Rubber Insulation Tube

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Introducing K-FLEX INSUL-TUBE, a highly flexible elastomeric foam insulation engineered from NBR/PVC with a closed-cell structure. This advanced insulation solution not only demonstrates its environmental commitment by eliminating CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, formaldehyde, and fibers, but it also incorporates an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent, providing enhanced protection against mold, fungi, and bacterial growth. Moreover, K-FLEX INSUL-TUBE has earned the prestigious UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification, a testament to its low VOC emissions. Its vital physical properties have also received validation from Factory Mutual, ensuring its reliability and performance.


Sizes Available :

  1. 3/8"(10mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST' UAE
  2. 1/2"((12)13mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST 'UAE
  3. 5/8"((15)16mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST 'UAE
  4. 7/8"(22mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST ' UAE
  5. 1.1/8"(28mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST ' UAE
  6. 1.3/8"(35mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST ' UAE
  7. 1.5/8"(42mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST ' UAE
  8. 2.1/8"(54mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST 'UAE
  9. 2.3/8"(60mm) x 3/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST 'UAE
  10. 2.5/8"(65mm)x 1/4" Thickness, 2mtr ST 'UAE



Environmentally ConsciousCFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, Formaldehyde, and Fibers-Free
Antimicrobial AgentEPA-Registered
UL GREENGUARD Gold CertifiedYes
Flame Spread / Smoke Development<25/50 (ASTM E84)
Hot Surface PerformanceNo Cracking or Delamination (ASTM C411)
Operating Temperature Range-297°F* (-183°C) to +220°F (+104°C)** (ASTM C534)
Thermal Conductivity (75°F Mean Temp)        0.245 (0.0353) (ASTM C 177)
UV / Weather ResistancePass (QUV Chamber Test)
Density3-6 Lb/Ft3 (ASTM D 1667)
Water Vapor Permeability (Dry Cup)<0.01 Perm-In (ASTM E96)


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