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48 Dc Drier Core Castel

Category: Refrigeration Unit
48 Dc Drier Core Castel

Product Details

Dryers for the liquid line that allow the replacement of the dryer elements, so-called cartridges.

Accessories for use with the following ASHRAE 34:2019 refrigerants, Class A1:

  • HCFC (R22)
  • HFC (R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507)
  • HFO (R1234ze)
  • HFO + HFC (R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R513A, R515A, R515B)


Product Specifications:

  • High Capacity Core with high moisture adsorption
  • 100% Molecular Sieve, complete with cover gasket
  • Filtering Surface 420 (cm²)
  • 48 cu. in. - 800 (cm³)
  • 47 ØD¹ (mm) x 96 ØD² x 140 H

Suitable for filter:  4411/AF,4412/AF

Dehydrating charge100% Molecular sieve
UseHigh capacity core
Nominal volume [cm³]800
Suitable for filter(3)
Length (mm)140mm
Diameter (mm)96mm

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